Want more than just the same ol’ song and dance?

We all love our traditional songs and dances, but a comedian adds another kind of masala to the mix. This is one of your life’s biggest occasions. A comedian can play Master of Ceremonies (MC) and be the “glue” that holds the evening together, ensuring the event runs smoothly by filling any gaps with good-natured humor.


Audience Interaction

Get your guests involved with an interactive host.


Personalized Jokes

Give your event a personal touch with jokes written specifically for the bride and groom.


Cake Cutting

Share jokes that are as layered as the cake.



Introduce your bridal party in style.

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Rajiv has performed at 300+ Indian Events and 100+ Weddings. His standup is perfect for anything from pre-wedding (Engagement, Sangeet/Mehndi, to Wedding (Baraat, Reception), to Post-Wedding (Brunch/Lunch).

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