Corporate Events

The man behind the viral sensation, I Am Indian, is available for hire.

Rajiv can spice up your day/evening corporate event, properly introducing speakers/presenters and sprinkling in funny comments to keep the audience engaged. He can perform more than an hour of clean standup at sales/annual meetings, conferences, holiday parties, or award shows.


Company Retreats

Rajiv's standup is perfect for team-building events.


Holiday Parties

He's done it all, from Trivia Night to Secret Santa.



Rajiv's company uncovers compelling brand insights.


Keynote Speeches

A background in engineering, marketing, politics, and acting? He's gotta have SOME gems.

Instagram Post

His corporate clients include P&G (14 times), GE (8 times), Google, General Mills, Quaker, Toyota, Cisco and more. He runs a consulting business called the Standpoint Agency, which helps marketers generate insights for their brands. He gave a TEDx Talk, “The Jester Is King.”

You're in Good Company

Hey, Rajiv, I'd like to...

Hire you, interview you, seek your comedic advice, or give you a piece of my mind.