Rajiv has performed at 100+ colleges, through the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) and many Indian/South Asian organizations.

Rajiv is rather versatile - currently an entertainer in California and formerly an engineer in Ohio. He has quite the eclectic background: Rajiv gained admission into a six-year med school. He earned a degree in materials engineering. He interned at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Johnson & Johnson, and even on Capitol Hill. He worked in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble and at FIJI Water.



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This University of Cincinnati engineer and former P&G marketer has done stand-up at more than 100 colleges. He named his alma mater’s online radio station “Bearcast,” launched/managed a Miss India America’s career, and has spoken to audiences from Fortune 500 companies to NFL players on innovation, DE&I, and personal branding.

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