Why NY Rules & LA Sucks / Why LA Rules & NY Sucks

NYvsLAI’ve wanted to write this double-column for a while.  And I feel like I’m qualified to do so.  I have lived in Los Angeles for almost six years – in Marina del Rey (on the water), in Westwood (West Side), and in Studio City (the Valley).  I have visited New York over 200 times since the age of eight and have spent well over a year there in total, mostly splitting time between Manhattan and Brooklyn (though I’ve been to all five boroughs), sometimes for months on end, replete with a mailing address.  So, I’m going to write this in the first person for both entries.  And speaking of persons, the sections describing the people of both cities must come with a massive disclaimer:  any negatives may not necessarily be indicative of those indigenous to the region; after all, these are cities of transplants.  OK, now I can go about properly pissing everybody off.

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24 thoughts on “Why NY Rules & LA Sucks / Why LA Rules & NY Sucks

  1. LA has Disney Land, the happiest place on the planet. What else do you need? And LA is really close to SF which is truly the greatest city in the world.

  2. I’m going to selfishly vote that you stay in LA. Perhaps that’s the self-absorbed Angeleno in me, desperate to not lose friends. Then again, if you move to the West Side, you may as well move to NYC. #improbablynotgonnagowestof405 #yesihashtaggedinacomment

  3. Funny, I go through this all the time, so I recently flew to NYC and the minute I got there I realized how much better LA is than NYC. I’ve lived in LA almost 5 years now and been to NYC numerous times, but it takes stepping away from it to truly appreciate it. NYC is gross…dirty, crowded and so hurried. You inhale your food, rush to the subway, pay an arm and leg for a cab all to live in a small apt for $1700 that you never stay in cause its so small. You cant invite friends over or make yourself a nice meal since you don’t have the space. I’m def an LA girl now…you can have NYC!

  4. I swear you wrote this just as my birthday present–I’ll go ahead and thank you Rajiv. Sooo much truth, it’s amazing HOW much you assimilate! Tommy’s Hamburgers-LOLOLOL!

  5. You did not mention the most outstanding, visceral and salient aspect of L.A.: Its Women. I have never seen so many beautiful women concentrated in one place as I have seen in LA/Southern Cal.

  6. Having lived in both places, myself, I must say that you so eloquently described what my observations have been of life in NY and LA. Though, I have never been able to put them in to words so perfectly. I totally understand the pull of NY and how the energy can be infectious. Although, the live and let live attitude I’ve often experienced in LA is very attractive. Try changing your name in NY and see how many of your friends and family give you shit about it! Change isn’t accepted so easily there, you know? By the way, the next time you’re at Tommy’s, order your burger with extra chili and take a good bite while holding it over your fries. No need to order chili cheese fries! I once ate there every night for a week.

  7. Hey Rajiv, very well stated and thought out. A great argument to brave! I appreciate and agree with many of your points but I really don’t agree that you can compare compare one city against the other when you haven’t lived in one – for years at a time. It takes years to truly appreciate and understand all the subtleties and nuances that add up to make someone a New Yorker, or an Los Angeleno, or a bostonioan, or Chicagoan for that matter. I lived in Chicago for two years and never truly understood what it meant to be a Chicagoan. I tried and asked why those who felt such allegiance to it did, and the difference was that Chicago had their heart. So there’s no best city or worst city it’s what has your heart. And that may come immediately to some people and those are the ones that stay in NY or wherever grabbed their heart. Others it takes years to really tune into the soul (or lack thereof!) of a city, to the point where they really know it and understand what it’s like to be part of it. I think you need to live somewhere for years to be able to know, and that’s why I think you land on LA’s side. And for the record I’m always happy to give someone directions, but dint ever feel the need to walk with the person – which happened to me too many times in Chicago! We pay a lot for crappy housing so we spend our lives outside our homes and no time in cars! Come live here for a few years and re-write this column, I dare you!

    Xo mere

  8. I’ve been to both and NYc is still better. Too many stuck up people in all of Cali. Superficial is the best way to put it. Beautiful girls? Yeah after they got how much lipo, plastic surgery and botox? lol Not all of them are like this but majority are stupid AF as well. I’ll take a city that has heart over a fake stuck up town any day. I like LA’s beaches and weather more but what makes a city a city is it’s people and there’s just so much more to do in NYc than LA. Just my opinion. I’d live in both cities over Buffalo etc.

  9. New York is the cultural and financial capital of this country and can only fairly be compared with the other great cities of the world.. There simply is no rivalry and no comparison to be made with LA. One must be an Angelino to even entertain such a notion.

  10. If you don’t want to sit next to a homeless person on the train, stand up and move! What a revelation! I’d rather spend less than 20min on a subway and get to where I’m going, than 2 hours in stop and go traffic to go 5 miles on the 405 any day.

  11. La or ny? Neither. But la does suck more because it’s not a city but a bunch of suburbs=boring. Racism and classism follows it. But that’s not a problem of LA but of the states in general, with little exceptions. NY being the exception has problems of it’s own like the post already mentioned.

  12. I have lived in L.A. For all my life and there is always excitement here I’m always happy and love it here the traffic isn’t too slow only on Fridays or when there’s an accident. Also I don’t like how you said many untrue things about Los Angeles I like NY too but you don’t need to say L.A. Sucks dude what if I said N.Y. SUCKS LIKE SH*T!!!!

  13. I never read such a load of shit in my life, the racial issues in New York are way worse than California, its a lot easier to date someone of another race in California, in LA or SF or in conservative San Diego than it is in NY, in fact when I went to NY with my white girlfriend we got a lot of funny looks. I never saw so much racial tension in my life, it made me very uncomfortable. New York is not a melting pot in anyway, its very racially divided, it only appears that way because people live in such close proximity but neighborhoods are racially segregated in that city, you have areas that are white, black, asian, hispanic, arab, and you never see anything mixed.
    Also people say pizza in New York is good, which is bullshit, because NY Pizza is just big flat slices, mostly has no taste, there was a time it used to be good but its mostly commercialized and disgusting. Also most of the food in restaurants there is very stale and nasty, Indian food in LA is always superior to NY. Mexican food?? People in NY think Chipotle is Mexican food!!! LMAO.
    You are a Class A Dumbass.

  14. I like your split perspectives from either side of the coin. I especially liked the analogy of NYC as an album vs. LA as a collection of songs, this hits home on so many levels in highlighting the differences between the two cities. I enjoy that analogy quite a bit, I’ll keep it.

    Being California grown I am biased of course, but I’ll stick to LA. NYC was great to visit, and yes it is undoubtedly the Rome of the States. It is great to be a tourist and use the city for what it is, drop a few dollars, have a great time, and then leave. Personally, fuck living there though. Livability is shit in NYC, weather blows, I found people to be either apathetic and/or assholes (obviously there were some great friendly people too). Get your energy, hustle for a year or two and then get out while it’s still good is my NYC mentality, rather the vibe in LA is that it continues to grow and becomes a more fulfilling and happier life the longer you stay.

    On another note culturally I find NYC to be a more homogeneous people, rather than the heavily eclectic LA. I’d rather be selfish, or in a positive light, in touch with myself, than be part of a massive group think.

    To each his own though, you all can have NYC, and we all can have LA. It really all comes down to preference and perspective and I think you captured both mentalities pretty well, thanks for your insights.

  15. Funny. New York is a concrete price of shat and I lived there. LA is better weather witch New Yorkers can’t grasp. Thugs and punk bitches. Jealous creeps.

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