Why LeBron James Really Returned to Ohio

Maybe because Ohio is kind of an awesome place.


I read LeBron James’ letter in Sports Illustrated the day it dropped.  I found it interesting that LeBron James kept using the prefix “Northeast,” as in, “I was a kid from Northeast Ohio” or “My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball” or “What’s important to me is bringing one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.”

And then I realized that I think of Ohio not parceled into four quadrants but rather as one entity – precisely because I live so far away from it.  Like LeBron, I myself left the state to further my own career, relocating to California in 2006, though he’s met with slightly more success so far.

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9 thoughts on “Why LeBron James Really Returned to Ohio

  1. Couple of minor tweaks:

    *He’s says Northeast Ohio because that’s where he is from. He says “Northeast Ohio” to mean the same thing I might mean as “Greater Cincinnati” or “Chicagoland”.
    **Xavier is not a state school. Jesus.
    ***Greater Cincinnati people think of Miami (MAC) and Cincinnati (AAC) as “major” state schools, the rest of the state thinks about Bowling Green, Kent State, Ohio. They just recognize them as “mid-majors” and root for tOSU (B10) as their big conference school.
    ****I would laugh harder if you opened “As you probably guessed, I’m from HAMILTON, Ohio”
    *****Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise like two years ago. Try to keep up.

  2. OMG, you’re right… just made the change. Thanks very much for the correction and kind words. Best kind of comment. Yes, I just gave you feedback on your feedback.

  3. Derrick – I always enjoy your adds/edits. Replies:
    *I feel you. I just want him to be a bit more inclusive so that he can gain some more fans down south.
    **I didn’t call it a state school. But I love how you used “Jesus.”
    ***Yes, but UC, Miami, and Xavier are more successful on the national scene. Ooops. I’m trying to NOT perpetuate a rivalry.
    ****You would. But nobody in California knows where Hamilton is. (Let’s keep it that way.)
    *****I think that’s widely known. I refer to her as “Mrs. Tom Cruise” in the way they still refer to former Presidents as “President.”

  4. Raj
    Very funny… I think Trent Reznor is actually from Ohio as well. Shaker Hts (I think).

    Nice reference to Bone.

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