Who Are The 26 Actors Who Have Appeared in at least 3 Feature Films of at least 2 Sets of Trilogies Released in The United States?

With a little help from my friends, including some new ones on the website Quora, I’ve revised my question below about actors appearing in multiple series.

I joined Quora a few months ago but this is the first I’ve used it.  I posted my question on there to determine whether I 1.)  Had all the actors on the list and 2.) Could phrase the question better.

The original question: “Who are the 21 actors who have appeared in at least three feature films of at least two sets of American trilogies?”

As I’d anticipated, the last clause caused some confusion… probably as much as juxtaposing “clause” and “caused” will.  Furthermore, I’d like to change the question to include the 26 actors who fit this criteria.

The revised question (as per the blog post title):  “Who are the 26 actors who have appeared in at least 3 feature films of at least 2 sets of trilogies released in the United States?”

I’ll give you some time to think.  Or some space, rather.  Scroll for the answers.















  1. Harrison Ford – Star Wars; Indiana Jones
  2. Sylvester Stallone – Rocky; Rambo
  3. Talia Shire – Rocky; Godfather
  4. Hugo Weaving – Rings; Matrix
  5. Ian McKellan – Rings; X-Men
  6. Orlando Bloom – Rings; Pirates
  7. Mel Gibson – Mad Max; Lethal Weapon
  8. Peter Cushing – Dracula; Frankenstein
  9. Christopher Lee – Rings; Dracula; Musketeers; Fu Manchu; Star Wars
  10. Patrick Stewart – Star Trek; X-Men
  11. Judge Reinhold – Beverly Hills Cop; Santa Clause
  12. James Earl Jones – Star Wars; Tom Clancy
  13. Antonio Banderas – Shrek; Spy Kids
  14. Matt Damon – Bourne; Ocean’s
  15. Mike Myers – Shrek; Austin Powers
  16. Eddie Murphy – Shrek; Beverly Hills Cop
  17. Tim Allen – Santa Clause; Toy Story
  18. Clint Eastwood – Dollars; Dirty Harry
  19. Bruce Campbell – Evil Dead; Spider-Man
  20. Jackie Chan – Rush Hour; Police Story
  21. Anthony Daniels – Star Wars Original; Star Wars Prequel
  22. Kenny Baker – Star Wars Original; Star Wars Prequel
  23. Don Rickles – Beach Party; Toy Story
  24. Samuel L. Jackson – Marvel Cinematic Universe; Star Wars
  25. George Kennedy – Naked Gun; Airport
  26. Frank Oz – Muppets; Star Wars


  • I removed Tony Todd from my list as Final Destination 5 doesn’t drop till later this year.
  • Enough people consider Star Wars as two sets of trilogies to count it as such.  Besides, there are only two actors in all six films.  That’s a pretty impressive feat.
  • I added George Kennedy and Frank Oz, thanks to my friend Darin Strachan (not on Quora), who has seen every single Best Picture in history, besides Cavalcade, only because it’s not on DVD.
  • Quora helped me find Don Rickles and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Samuel L. Jackson is uncredited in Iron Man and Thor.  But he’s scheduled to reprise his role as Nick Fury in several upcoming films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.  Some may not consider this a coherent film series but rather a franchise.
  • Also from Quora… Gary Oldman will join the list when the latest Harry Potter movie releases in 2011 and The Dark Knight Rises comes out in 2012.
  • Also from Quora… Christopher Lee is the only actor to appear in 3 series – Rings; Dracula; Musketeers.
  • Finally from Quora… Ben Stiller will join the list when the latest Madagascar movie releases in 2012.

This list will grow as more actors do more movies.  Or as we find more.  Especially Christopher Lee. 5! What the frick.

As of now, within Quora or otherwise, I’m proud to say this is the definitive list.



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