Ten Reasons Football Is America’s Best Sport

footballI’ve come a long way (forwards or backwards, I’m not sure) since my high school days of when I knew the score of every single NFL game over the weekend. I don’t follow sports nearly as closely anymore as my journey of self-absorption continues in earnest.

Yes, yes, of course, the problems surrounding football are real. But in this post, I choose to focus on the positive. Here are the top ten reasons football is the best sport in the country:

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3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Football Is America’s Best Sport

  1. Good post. After watching the SuperBowl I don’t know what to think. It was the most baffling ending I’ve ever seen in any football game. 3 tries to get in endzone from the 1yd line, with 30 seconds left, and instead risking that by throwing the ball.

    I’m sure Seattle will metaphorically catch on fire because of this.

  2. hi im doing a research paper for school and i have to cite where i got my information from and im wondering who is the author of that article and yeah i would appreciate if you could respond as soon as possible thank you

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