The Nine Genres of Humor

As always, this is one man’s opinion, but as I see it, here are the styles… the types… the categories… the genres…

1. Awkward — The relatively new genre of cringe humor appears to be the hardest. Why? The challenge here is taking everyday events and making them look REAL. Shows like The Office (UK) and Curb Your Enthusiasmevince situations that appear so genuine not just because they display the mundane, trivial details of life but do it with characters that really do act that way. You could totally imagine things like that happening because they really do happen in real life. And the chances of hitting the mark are so minute. It’s like nailing the right note when you’re playing an instrument — the closer you are without being right on, the worse it sounds. Audiences are perceptive enough that they can easily sniff out phoniness. Some examples:

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6 thoughts on “The Nine Genres of Humor

  1. What in all the world would bring a laugh seeing anyone falling down a dangerous “hole” /stairwell??? Or if she were not fat it would not have been funny? Even sicker. Plus, your other descriptions are not correct, either…no more time for you. RT

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