Rape’s Cause B

Cause B = Cosby.
Cause B = Cosby.

This may not be PC.  Or literally, it may be.  As in, calling Bill Cosby a “rapist” doesn’t make you a “racist.”


I know some people are waiting for Bill Cosby to be formally charged with rape.  But to them, I have a question:  Have widespread allegations against an individual in our society ever, ever turned out to be false?  Bill Clinton absolutely committed adultery.  Lance Armstrong absolutely doped.  And Bill Cosby absolutely drugged and raped women.  One person’s word against another is one thing.  Many people’s words against one is another thing altogether.  There is no reasonable way to believe that all of these women are simply making this up.  To what end?  How would they coordinate their stories?  Why would they expose and potentially embarrass themselves and their families all these years later?  It’s not only more likely than not that Cosby committed rape (the civil trial standard), but also it’s beyond a reasonable doubt (the criminal trial standard).  Public opinion is the court here and Cosby has been indicted.  Speaking of courts…

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2 thoughts on “Rape’s Cause B

  1. Great piece Rajiv (huge fan since 2008 btw, when you hosted Bhangra in the Bhurgh at my college – Carnegie Mellon). Love your posts about standup. This one specifically resonated since I had been wondering something similar – how many comedians did Hannibal inspire to be more outspoken, more honest, more subversive?

    As someone who is pursuing stand up for over a year now and going through the usual struggles of finding my voice, being true to myself and yet being relevant, I will try not forget what a privelige it is to exercise free speech the way we get to on stage. You are right, its pretty amazing. And with great power should come great responsibility. Of defending the truth. Calling it as we see it. Especially if what we are seeing are beloved household name serial rapists.

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