Isn’t It Ironic? Don’t You Think?

“Yeah, I really do think.” I don’t think it’s ironic but I do think a lot. And so I thought about irony. On Friday, I dropped a blog post that, along with the rest of the city, predicted Carmageddon, an event that was to back up traffic all over Los Angeles.

It didn’t happen.  Was it a hoax?  No, it wasn’t Y2K.  The Year 2000 bug truly seemed to be a hoax because it doesn’t stand to reason that ALL companies fixed ALL systems just in time to avert disaster.  It was illogical.  I remember airlines even stating they were only 95% ready.  And I never knew if that meant that 95% of flights were going to make it to their destinations or that all flights were going to make it 95% of the way.  Neither seemed comforting.

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