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Adam Richmond

Confidence personified. That’s how I’d describe Adam Richmond. Or how he’d describe himself. Ha. ”Is it real?” to quote the psychiatrist speaking to Leo DiCaprio in The Departed (a movie, amongst many others, that we cover). It just may be – I’ve known Adam for a while. I met him years ago in LA through Russell Peters. He became my default phone call to go see movies in this town where they make ‘em. And he has the distinction of being the headliner on a show the week before the then feature act, Iliza Schlesinger, began her Last Comic Standing win. I drove both of them and I hosted. And now I host again, as the internationally-touring comedian sits down w/ me for an hour to rant and rave about whether standup is a meritocracy, the real problem w/ people these days (“schnarfing”), why rejection ain’t so bad (~”If I don’t get the sitcom, so what? I already don’t have a sitcom”), why it’s important to carry a gun, and why democracy sucks sometimes. Adam provides a unique – and funny (the man knows how to BRING IT in an interview) perspective, sharing his comedy bits and points-of-view to illustrate his thoughts and dish out some quality advice for the kids out there – and anyone who’ll listen. Enjoy.

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