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Jamie Flam Part I/I

ENCHANTED. That’s Jamie Flam’s word of choice to describe his vision for the Hollywood Improv, which he now books. Jamie provides advice for new comics on what to do – and not do. Flam himself is a producer, writer, and performer, and has worked for years to develop his podcast, The Long Shot, and his live duo, the Spanglers. Their success may be why he’s currently experiencing his Groundhog Day – the moments he wishes he could live over and over. ENLIGHTENED. That refers to Flam’s embrace of Buddhism, the Beatles, and Braveheart (the movie he hasn’t seen that everyone else has but is now finally viewing). He emphasizes his love for his program, Immaculata, and how it makes him feel EMPOWERED, which is how I felt at the end of this podcast. As will you. Enjoy.

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