The Man in The Middle – Washington, DC


Washington, DC

House of Representatives

Capitol Hill

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
There are no tickets.  FREE admission.
First come, first-served.
You can RSVP for fun, just to LMK you’re coming.


In 2013, my one-person show about dating, No Man’s Land, led me to marriage. That one’s tough to top.

In 2017, my one-person show about music, Taking a Stand, led me to become the first standup comic ever to perform at Spotify.

And now… in 2019, my one-person show about politics, The Man in The Middle, leads me to… CAPITOL HILL.

I’m proud to announce:

On Wednesday, October 30, from 6 to 8 PM, I’ll be performing The Man in The Middle at the US House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

In a way, it’s taken me 20 years to move a block. I interned for Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) back in 1999. In fact, I grew up in Rep. John Boehner’s district in Fairfield, OH, and now I live in Rep. Adam Schiff’s in Burbank, CA.
(Talk about being in the middle.)

I’ll confirm exact location but it will be in one of the three House buildings on Capitol Hill itself. You can just walk in. You can RSVP if you want but it’s not necessary. Free admission. (After all, who’d profit off of a government job?)

We’ll be inviting members of the press as well as the government, including Representatives, Senators, and President Pence.

Born in the red state of Ohio and living in the blue state of California, Comedian Rajiv Satyal thinks his little show may be just what we need to save the empire.


– “Great job! Very insightful and funny stuff.” – Justin

– “I think she just didn’t know exactly what to expect and was a little nervous about how her friends would like it bc politics. But she said right away everyone was laughing and she knew it was going to be ok. Said everyone liked it and they loved the 80s/90s references.” – Catherine

– “Hey, that was an awesome show! You nailed the delivery. It was funny, insightful, and provocative. You obviously spent a lot of time researching and preparing and it showed.” – Steve

– “This is your thing. Put all of your energy into this show. I’ve never seen you be more authentically you. THIS is your truth. Also — you totally feel and look like Indian Larry David thing up there.” – Samia

– “What a wonderful show and fantastic performance! Super duper impressed!” – Justin (another one)


5:45 PM – Doors
6:00 PM – Begin Show
8:00 PM – End Show


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The Man in The Middle – Washington, DC