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PM Modi Has A Good Sense Of Humor Says Comedian Rajiv Satyal

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‘Making Chai Not War’
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NPR – State Department Sends ‘Chai’ Comedy Tour To India

“Diplomacy with a laugh,” is how you might describe one of the U.S. State Department’s latest efforts to promote American [...].

NPR – Rand Paul Calls Out Hillary Clinton Over Indian Comedy Tour

Sen. Rand Paul asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday if she knew that the State Department sent three [...].

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Rajiv Satyal, who has opened for comedians such as Kevin James and Tim Allen, did a comedy tour of India [...].

LA Times – Silicon Valley welcomes Modi with song, dance – and a Shazam joke

Six dancers stood on stage, arms bent at the elbows, elbows hoisted chin-level.

They stood for thirty seconds, broad, nervous smiles on their faces, barely blinking. Thirty seconds turned into a minute, then two. No one wanted to lower their arms in case the music started again. But as the clock inched toward the third minute, this started to seem unlikely.

Nearly 19,000 people in San Jose, Calif.’s SAP Center watched on.

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Wall Street Journal – Learning to Laugh at Obama

Funny or not, comedians are learning to laugh at President-elect Barack Obama.

After much hand-wringing that the sure-footed, quirk-free Mr. Obama provided little fodder for mockery, the nation’s comedians are starting to rise to the task, with conservative and black comics paving the way.

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Hack Your Wealth – What made a P&G brand manager say “F” it and go full-time as a stand-up comedian, how he told his parents, and how he keeps his sanity and stays focused every day

“In entertainment, people think success is binary: you’re either Russell Peters or you’re working at Wendy’s. That’s just not true.” – Rajiv Satyal, Comedian

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Scott Bonnie

I was born near Cincinnati.  I spent 30 years in Ohio and have been living in LA for almost 10 years.  I started standup in 2002, which means I’ve been doing it about 14 years.

I went full-time in 2006, so this has been my sole source of income for coming up on a decade.

Wow.  I’m just realizing that.  Glad you asked the question.

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The Bob & Tom Show Interviews

I made my debut on The Bob & Tom Show.  The radio show is on many FM & AM radio stations in the US and is syndicated to over 100 countries.  It has 4 million listeners in the morning.

It’s on from 6:00 am to 10:00 am.  Each hour is available for listening/download on the VIP section of their website. Each “hour” becomes about 40 minutes long, sans commercials.

I (along with my Dad!) was on in the 7:00 am and 8:00 am hours.

During the 9:00 am hour, they referred to my Dad and me a lot.  And then my Mom called in.  Yes, we treated this enormous program like it was my friend’s garage podcast.

And yes, my Dad and my Mom both got the second largest radio credit (next to Howard Stern) in comedy at the same time I did.

Finally, they had my Dad do a little dance to a classic Bollywood song…

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did… the whole crew gave us about an hour-and-a-half of airtime and were a ton of fun and super-nice.  It was a privilege and an honor to be on the show.

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