…And I Feel Finest Worksong

Well, I didn’t feel ’em enough as those tracks didn’t make my list but several others did… so, allow me to Document.

Last week, I wrote a blog post about R.E.M.

My friend, Catherine, wrote to me that she wanted to hear the songs I listed as my Top Ten.

So, I made a playlist.  Enjoy.

In case the embedding doesn’t work, here’s the link.

And if you want to do a DEEP dive, somebody made a 100-song one… wow:

100-Song R.E.M. Playlist


And if you really want to get involved, jump on and help Spotify build its.

My friend, Rohit, pointed out that “Superman” is a cover. Guess a true fan would know that.

I did manage to get part of last week’s blog read on WNYC, when I posted a comment to its blog. Pretty cool.




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